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Animalia is a peer-reviewed, digital journal for Anthrozoology/Human-Animal Studies scholars. This project was created and is maintained by a handful of students and alumni of the Anthrozoology Master of Science program at Canisius College. The aim of Animalia is to bring together scholars from all disciplines in the vast world of Anthrozoology/Human-Animal Studies, and provide a forum for critical thought, shared ideas, and enlightening discussions as this burgeoning field continues to develop.

Animalia features original work, including research articles, literature reviews, academic papers, scholarly work, and book reviews.

Who Can Submit?
All graduate students, early career scholars, and undergraduates are welcome to submit! Please note, all undergraduate submissions must include a separate, written endorsement of the submission by a faculty member who is familiar with the undergraduate's work.

Manuscript Length
Articles should be no longer than 7,000 words (including references).

Manuscript Structure
All manuscripts should be typed double-spaced, with 1" margins, and left-aligned.
The elements of the manuscript should be in the following order:
Author, author affiliation (Including university/institution, department, and author's email address)
Abstract (120-150 words)
Keywords (Up to 6 terms)
Body of text (Use appropriate headings to separate sections/ideas)
References (Format with 0.5" hanging indent)

The journal makes use of The Publication Manual of the American Psychology Association (7th ed., 2019). Manuscripts should be formatted according to APA style guidelines before they are submitted. For style guidance, please consult The APA Style and Grammar Guidelines and/or The Purdue Owl APA Style Guide.

Questions should be directed to our Editors via the online Contact Form.

Ready to submit?

After confirming your contact information, click the +Upload file button to attach your file, then click the Submit button below to submit your manuscript.
Please attach source files as .doc or .docx, and not .pdf files.

Who Can Submit?
Manuscript Guidelines
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