About Us

Animalia is a peer-reviewed, digital journal for Anthrozoology/Human-Animal Studies scholars. This project was created and is maintained by a handful of students and alumni of the Anthrozoology Master of Science program at Canisius College.


The aim of Animalia is to bring together scholars from all disciplines in the vast world of Anthrozoology/Human-Animal Studies, and provide a forum for critical thought, shared ideas, and enlightening discussions as this burgeoning field continues to develop.

Aubrey Milatz, Editor

Aubrey graduated with her Master of Science in Anthrozoology from Canisius College in May 2019. In August 2020, she began pursuing a PhD in Prevention Science at Washington State University, where she will be contributing to research concerning animal-assisted interventions (AAI) and their effects on stress, anxiety, and depression in college students. She will also be focusing on the well-being of animals involved in AAI and making sure the relationship is beneficial to all parties, human and nonhuman alike.

Aubrey is based out of Spokane, Washington, and lives with her two cats, Starling and Simon.


Erica Levesque, Editor

Erica is a current graduate student in the Anthrozoology program at Canisius College. She will be starting her program capstone in the fall; a qualitative project focusing on ethical, male vegans. A longtime vegan and animal-rights activist, Erica hopes to further her Anthrozoological education after Canisius through a continued focus on vegan studies and critical animal studies. Her long-term goal is to write a book pertaining to these topics and to continue promoting a vegan, compassionate lifestyle.

Erica lives in Tucson, Arizona with her husband, Rick, sons Strummer and Gibson, and their 135-lb Mastiff/ Rottweiler mix, Lemmy.


Dr. Joshua Russell, Faculty Advisor

Joshua is an associate professor in the Anthrozoology program at Canisius College. He holds a PhD in Environmental Studies from York University in Toronto. Joshua’s research predominantly focuses on children’s lived experiences with animals and the more-than-human world. He is also interested in making critical, theoretical connections between queer theory, animal studies, and environmental education.


Joshua lives in southern Ontario with his partner Sean, and their rescue dog, Penny.

Peer Reviewers

Anna Balser

Canisius College


Danielle M. Brown, M.S.

Canisius College

Rebecca A. Carden, M.S.

University at Buffalo Animal Law Clinic Consultant 

Licensed Class I NYS Wildlife Rehabilitator 

Canisius College

Catherine Doyle, M.S.

Performing Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)

Director of Science, Research, and Advocacy

Canisius College

Jessica Dustin

Canisius College

Annika Hugosson, M.S.

University of North Carolina Chapel Hill PhD Candidate 

Canisius College

April Piazza, M.S., CVT

Lackawanna College Adjunct Professor

Canisius College

Nathan Poirier, M.S.

Michigan State University PhD Candidate 

Canisius College

Sierra Stucki

Canisius College

Sarah Tomasello, M.S.

Canisius College

Emily Tronetti, M.S., CPDT-KA

Coexistence Consulting, Founder

Canisius College


Jessica Austin

Adriana Pisano Beaumont

Dr. Paul Waldau