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Animalia Volume 5

Table of Contents

Editors' Note ---------------------------------------------------

Aubrey Milatz & Erica Levesque

Tacit Knowledge Within Equine-Assisted Intervention (EAI): How Social Relation Theory and Emotional Work Theory Provide Access to an Elusive Form of Knowledge ----------------------------------------------

Catharina Carlsson & Daniel Nilsson Ranta

Book Review: Hunnicutt, G. (2020). Gender Violence in Ecofeminist Perspective: Intersections of Animal Oppression, Patriarchy and Domination of the Earth. ----------------------------------------------------

Nathan Poirier

"Don't be so Modest, You're a Rat": Anthropomorphism, Social Class, and Renegotiation in Ratatouille and The Bee Movie ------------------------

Reuben Dylan Fong

Liminal Animals in Liminal Spaces: A Day at Berlin Zoo ------------------

Kristine Hill

Opening the Doors of Perception and Looking Beyond the Binary ---------

Paul "Pablo" Martin

Those Who Lay Eggs: Institutional Sexual Violence and Carnism in Chicken Run -----------------------------------------------------------

Reuben Dylan Fong

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